Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The football season started with a dissapointment. A loss to Greenbay? Not a good way to start. Cutler looked greedy, trying to thow ball around. Four Interceptions? There was a lot of miscues betwween him and the wide recieving corp.

With the reigning champs coming to Soldier Field, I am lloking at the 0-2 record this week.


Ilya said...

I did tell you to moderate your expectations after Cutler's trade, did I?

Konstantin B. said...

Yes you did.

But if you remember I had my reservations. Overall, after looking at a bunch of replays and listening to analysis of people know more about Football then I do, I can see that during the game (and intercepted plays) he did the things he KNEW needed to be done. He was moving to avoid a sack, and getting rid of the ball. The problem was that recievers made mistakes when reading him after the play broke, stopping during plays or not separating themselves from the secondaries. Hence the miscues.

We have a QB now that is intelligent, mobile and not afraid of long passes. I will agree that a QB does not make a team, but a good QB has a chance of making them better.

He is a bit reckless it seems, but that reminded me of early Favre. Favre had winning games with 4 intersections :) Now if only WR could get attuned to him, but that will take time. Good summer camp or no, it's not enough until the season starts.