Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall TV Schedule - Wednesday - Part 1

What has wednesday brought to my home viewing pleasure?

ABC has got couple of new comedy shows, Modern Family and Cougartown. I must say that I enjoyed both of them. It's nice to see Ed O'Neil's sensibilities back on the screen in Modern Family.

Cougartown is starring Courtney Cox and is about a 40 something single mom trying to get laid. The show is supposedely oriented on women, but the gags and the jockes are actually male oriented IMHO. It's raunchy and fun, though I don't think these shows will last for more than a season.


mattw said...

For me, Wednesday night will be Ghosthunters and Top Chef until LOST comes back.

Konstantin B. said...

I watch Top Chef reruns on the weekend. Ghosthunters never caught on. Maybe because I don't believe in them, and the whole premise for me does not work.

I'll wait until October, then the season is going to be in full swing.

Besides "So You Think You can Dance" is my guilty pleasure.

And I am not giving up my dude card!