Wednesday, September 9, 2009

15 Movie meme`

Jason posted a nice movie meme on his blog. It asks to least 15 movies that made a sort of impact on your life, or stuck in you memory. The trick is not to take more than 15 minutes on the list.

Given my usual memory state, I will try my best to come up with one. I also can not sit in one place for 15 minutes.

1. Commando. This was the first American movie I have ever seen on VHS. Impressed the hell out of me. Also introduced me to Arnold.

2,3. Alien or The Thing. My memory is shoddy, but these two were the first horror flicks I have ever seen. There were moments in Alien where I had to step out of the room and pick around a corner.

4. Police Academy Part 3. I don't remeber why I started with Part 3, but I remember laughing my ass of.

5. Pulp Fiction. Should be No 1 really. I loved this movie, and still do. The soundtrack made the biggest impact. I am a person often driven by an auditory experience as well as visual. The soundtrack fit so perfectly with the movie, i can't seprate the two.

6,7,8. Star Wars. I do not remember which one I saw first. I think it was the Emprire Strikes Back. I remeber seeing it on the big screen as a kid in Russia. Having been introduced to Hong Kong cinema beforehand, I remeber walking back from the theater discussing the merits of being a samurai, a ninja, a Shaoling monk, or a Jedi.

9. Enemy Mine. The unuusal thing about this movie that it was sanctioned by our school principal, who was a diehard Commie. What I remember is walking back from the theater thinking what an unusual movie. I expected firefights, space ships, and mayhem (I was what 11-12?), what I got was (if my memory serves me right) a fairly thoughtful movie about friendship, tolerance and survival.

10. Forest Gump. I like the movie. What has stuck with me is a weird thought I had, after watching it. "..Sure, lets glorify general stupidity and accidentalness...". I know, not your standard thought, and I know the movie is not about that.

11,12. Terminator, Terminator 2. I still believe the second Terminator is the best sci-fi/action flick ever made by anybody. The first one was just awesome to watch with Arnie doing the best Arnie impersonation in the world.

I'll stop at twelve it's becoming difficult.

- There are three movies that I forgot to mention.

13. Short Circuit. Am I starting a Steve Guttenberg theme here?

14. Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I was amazed with the action/toon mix.

15. Enter The Dragon. Ah! Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.


jason said...

Ah, Enemy Mine - good movie I haven't seen in a long while. Interesting that it played in Russia, since I think the human/alien conflict was supposed to be a metaphor for the US/Soviet conflict. (Everything in the mid- to late-80s was supposed to be the US and the Soviets, wasn't it?)

And I had the same reaction to Forrest Gump! I never liked that movie, because Forrest has this fascinating life, meets all these historic people, etc., and never learns a damn thing from any of it. He's oblivious to what's happened around him. Now what's that supposed to be saying, exactly?

Konstantin B. said...

I've seen Enemy Mine shown on Sci-Fi, or AMC, or something along. It's a good movie. Of course, when I was young US/Soviet thing did not enter my mind.

But Jason remeber late 80's waas the period of Gorbachev, Perestrojka, Glasnots', Posner and Donahue.

Some bariers were beginning to break down.

Ilya said...

Sheesh, I've put quite a few "firsts" on my own list, but I totally forgot Commando. Which means, it didn't stick...