Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kid speak

The Awesome Wife's Chronicles...

Couple of days ago she was reading The-5-Year-Old Curious George stories.

Wife: ... The End...
5-Year-Old (without missing a bit): Rainforest Cafe proudly sponsors PBS!

For those unfamiliar with PBS, this is the place where Curious George cartoons are shown. The-5-Year-Old loves them.


In the store with The Baby. A woman with two young children gets behind her in the cashier line. Kids flutter about the baby, saying how cute she is, asking their mom for another baby. At that particular moment The Baby decides that it's time to scream. Another 15 seconds later: "Mom, I don't want another baby!"

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mattw said...

It's amazing how quickly the kids pick up on their likes and dislikes. Logan's very into Curious George at 2 yrs old and he knows approximately what time it comes on during the day.