Thursday, August 27, 2009

Has it been 5 years already?

The 5-Year-Old will not read this post anytime soon, maybe never. Or maybe in the future she'll want to know how it was in the past, and the internet and this blog will still exist.

I think time flies the fastest when you have kids. You have an outside point of reference to judge the flow of your life.

Oh my God! Has it really been five years?! I've never had a good memory. My brain prefers to keep in the present and in the future, with the past usually pushed away into the deep recessess.

You are not a monkey anymore. You are a fully developed little person, with your likes of princesses and dislikes of anything vegetable. You a strong willed, just like your mom (I am going to get whacked for that), and her smile (one of the reasons I fell in love with your mom) . You love being silly, just like me, and unfortunately you also inherited my lack of attention span. It doesn't matter, I haven't met a person who you can not win over in a span of minutes.

When I hugged you in morning and wished you a Happy Birthday, the thought of you growing up almost brought me to tears. Yes, I am a sentimental sap.

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey. Me and your Mom love you very much.


vince said...

Happy birthday The 5-Year-Old! I hope you get many good presents and one or more of your favorite sweets.

Konstantin B. said...

Thank you Vince. I don't think anyone can wish a better thing to a 5 year old than sweets.