Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time is something we never have.. I blame Newton and Einstein

I don't feel like writing anything right now, too many things are going on that take my mind off doing creative things.

- There are only two sessions left in my Finance class. I have a Quiz on stock valuations due today and a presentation due next week. Studiyng takes a lot of my time
- Our company closes the office in the far north suburbs of Libertyville and I am moving to the office by the O'Hare airport. The commute is going to be twice as short, which is a positive, but I am going to miss my buddies here, who I have worked with for the last four years (or is it five already)
- The weather in Chicago has been sucking ass for the last two weeks. Constant overcast is playing tricks with my brain.
- There is a big event that is going to happen in approximately six weeks. It takes a lot of energy and planning, but that's all I am going to say right now.

There you go, nothing exciting is going on, just plaini old life.


mattw said...

There's certainly nothing wrong with a shorter commute, except that there's less time to listen to audio books.

At least it hasn't been super hot and humid around here yet.

vince said...

Sometime "nothing exciting" is a very good thing. Good luck on your finance quiz and presentation.

Konstantin B. said...

Matt, my sentiments exactly. I actually have never thought about listening to books. Interesting idea.

Vince, too late for the quiz. I think in this class the idea is now to shoot for a solid B :)