Friday, May 29, 2009

What's playing in the jukebox

I don't have a lot of time for writing, work and school loads are quite big.

I have a very interesting relationship with Blues. I like it, but only in the upbeat happy versions.

This is a song I first heard in the soundtrack of Blues Brothers 2000. Supplemented with strippers dancing made it even better.

The song was originally done by Clarence Carter in 1967.

I could not find the clip from the Blues Brothers movie, but i have found a clip from "Another Day in Paradise" with James Woods/melanie Griffith, where it was actually performed by Clarence Carter.

Lookin' for a Fox. Enjoy.


jason said...

Great song!

If you're interested in upbeat blues, you ought to check out a cat named Keb'Mo' ( His music isn't as party-oriented as "Looking for a Fox" (i.e., he's more mellow), but it'll make you feel happy. Good stuff for a Sunday morning!

Konstantin B. said...

Thanks, Jason.

He's really good, I like it.