Saturday, May 2, 2009

Travel Notes Day 1

Budget SUCKS! S-U-C-K-S! The Flight to Orlando was uneventful, if a little bouncy. We picked up our luggage and went to the Budget counter to get our car. The line want not very big, but it took us HOUR AND A HALF to get into a car. There were three cashiers working, and one of them left as the line grew longer. When we complained about the long wait, the clerk actually told us that this is the busy time for them. When we asked him whether it would be more prodent to have more clerks during the busy time, we only got a blank stare.

Anyway enough complaining. The accomodations are great. The first day's trip to Seaworld was awesome.

First we went to see Blue Horizons, a show with acrobats and a lot of dolphins. The dolphin show in Sheed Aquarium pales in comaprison. Then we went to see a sea lion/pirate show. It's great for kids, got a few chuckles out of adults, and overall enjoyable time waste. Then, we went to see the sharks, and the penguins.

The shark thing is great. They swim right over your head. The have couple of huge sting rays and a general assortment of sand and local small sharks. No great whites or tigers.

After the sharks and small showing of penguins we went to see Shamu. Now, you think that two adults would figure out what soak zone means. Nope. The big bad fish has slapped some water that flew out about 60 feet and drenched the staduim. The Awesome Wife swore to have brushed off fish scales from her dress.

Me, I of course had the Little One sitting on my lap, using her as a small shield against the liquid onslaught.

After that, we went to have some ice cream and a bit of rest while little one enjoyed a kiddie coaster. Her Dad (me) got a great picture of his bald spot, while sporting a Whoo-Hoo expression on his face.

The last thing we did I think was spend a bit of time watching Jack Hannah show some of his great animals. The amount of animal knowledge this guy has is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Anyways, the day was great, but we came back to the hotel exausted. Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom, so I expect it to be worse.


jason said...

Sounds like you had a great day at Seaworld. I went there with my parents when I was about eight years old (the one in California) and have long meant to go back and see how it's changed.

Good luck at Disney tomorrow... remember to pace yourselves!

Konstantin B. said...

Thanks for the advice Jason, didn't happen :)