Monday, May 18, 2009

A proud parent

I realized that I haven't posted since last week, but the week was a bit hectic. The after vacation week is always hectic, since you are trying to catch up to the stuff that happened while you were out.

The Little One's Russian school is hosting a bit of a show this weekend. There is a puppet theater, where she will recite a known Russian ode to the Teddy Bear. There is also a bit of singing involved, about which we weren't notified. It seems there is a song about a Bird (the words we don't know yet, but the Little One should know them), and she is donig a solo on a famouse Russian Toon song about a Blue Traincar (originally sang by a Crocodile).

For my Russian readers, I think enough hints have been given to figure out some things. For the American friends, not knowing any of this does not belittle you in any way, nor will knowing it will significantly improve your lifestyles.

If it happens and I happen to shoot the video, I will post it.

She will also have a dance recital in her ballet school. We have to pay for the dress, AND for the tickets!

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