Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A fool's promise

Yesterday, over at Jim's, I have made a fool's promise to work a certain turn of phrase into every post.

Well, I am impulsive in that way. I like the idea, accept it, and then often enough I live to regret it. Truth to tell I don't have "...hairy dangling bag-O-marbles... " big enough to use it in every post I write. I doubt that I can actualy use it more than once a month.

This blog is read by people who are close to me, and I want them to believe that I am a well mannered nice Jewish boy, which I think is very close to the truth. I shudder at the thought that Mom or Dad, who I have never in my life heard of uttering an explitive, would read that here.

So a promise I can keep, is that references to the fauna's genitalia will be kept to a minimum.

Although I can not promise the same for the blogs I read and comment on. That's the backstabbing son-of-a-bitch I am.


On a a less self-centered note. Last year I have planted a small bush of lilacs in an empty corner of our backyard. Me and my wife love the smell of lilacs in the early summer. By the end of last summer, the bush looked all sickly, and we thought it wouldn't survive or bear flowers. The surprise came yesterday, as the bush is showing new sprouts, and actually blossomed. It's still pretty small, and the flowers are not the usual heavy clusters you see hanging from the bushes on every corner. I think that I will feed the plant a little this summer, and keep it clean from weeds and parasites.

Here the picture.


Ilya said...

You, the gardener - that's a surprise! Nice flowers, though!

Konstantin B. said...

Not so much a gardener, as a person who would prefer the backyard looking better.

If the flowers grew by themselves in the places where I point my finger, I wouldn't bother :)