Friday, May 22, 2009

Experimenting with composition

I haven't done much 3D in the last couple of months.

I created this picture because I wanted to have an original wallpaper for myself. The composition is very simple. The point of the exercise was to experiment with raytracing materials and depth of field for a more-or-less realistic look.

The pixelation of blurred regions is due to a smaller sample size on the render. The render itself took about 20 minutes. If I have increased the sampling size it would be exponentially longer.

Little patience I have.

The image is big 1680x1050 px


An Update.

Watching couple of tutorials I have achieved a better grasp as to how to do the depth of field. I have also switched to a different material type, using only raytrace.

Here is the end result. The white artifacts due to insufficiency of processing power of my laptop.

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