Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday football news.

I read football news. Not everyday, but every other week. I've read them yesderday afternoon. The sports sphere is abuzz with news about Jay Cutler debucle. Imagine my surprize (with jaw falling to the ground with a loud noise) when I discovered not more than three hours later that Da Bears actually aquired mr. Cutler for their quaterbacking needs.

Now the analysts talked about this for a month now, projecting Browns, Bucs, Titans, even Detroit. It seems that Mr. Jerry Anglo (bears GM) has ninjaed everyone on this deal. NO ONE suspected. Granted, the Team had a bad QB situation for at least a decade, but THIS!

This news have been chewed over and over for the last 24 hours. Here's my little take on it. The Bears get Culter. One of the most promising QB right now. 26 years old, already a Pro-bowler, with a gun for a hand. However, he's got a reputation of being a primadonna. With a defensively dominating team this might not cut it. There are also a lack of good recievinig corp in the team. Bears first and foremost are a running franchise. I really truly hope this works out. Analysts are projecting the Bears now to be the strongest team in NFC north, some even uttered the words Superbowl.

The Broncos got Kyle Orton. Not the best QB in the league by far but he is solid and he has been improving. He is the quiet leader type. Exactly what Denver needs right now. The Bears also gave up to 1st round picks in the draft for the next two years. So, even if mr. Orton does not work out for the Broncos, there are four franchise caliber quaterbacks available in the draft this year.

On the other hand there are plenty of good players always available in rounds two and three.

So, I think both teams need to be happy with what they got. Even though Denver got a better deal in my opinion.

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