Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random things I think I am thinking

After watching The Bucket List: There is a scene in a movie where a little girl comes up to Jack Nicholson and smiles. My thought, you have to be a pretty brave kid to do what she did. Mr. Nicholson is a scary son of a bitch in that movie. Kudos to the girl.

After watching another cop show: Why is it that cop-show writers feel that the correct way to finish a case is having a perp admit the guilt in the interrogation room. What is the message behind that? Do they not trust us to figure out the guilty party by the "evidence" the investigation amasses?

Work related: for those classic ASP developers. Server 2003 does not like you to have an epmty global.asa file. It will throw a HTTP 500 Error, without an explanation. Better to not have a global.asa at all.

School related: Financial Management or Managerial Finance class has started. The good thing is that sessions two and three are online course. Finally couple of Tuesdays where I don't have to go to school, but learn at my own pace. So far the class is not that much different from the Accounting I already had. Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows. Meh.

Life: We are cleaning house. We will have a couch with a sleeper, an ottoman, and an office desk for sale pretty soon. I also have a bunch of books I am willing to donate to any local library interested. Most of them a fantasy and science fiction in good condition. Some Russian books as well.

Crazy thought of the day: Why is it that most birds have beaks, and ducks have bills?


Mark said...

re #2, I think the writers believe most people assume that there isn't much of a happy ending in real life and want to give them something different. In real life the accused starts a multi-year set of appeals, and certainly most of the convictions would be thrown out based on the actions of the shows stars.

Having the accused confess does the double duty of explaining what happened for people who had trouble following the plot and ensuring the "bad guys lose".

I think it fits into the same category of how the bad guy always manages to do himself in so as to prevent any moral problems for the good guy. For some reason your post made me think of the Disney movie (probably a first!) Beauty and the Beast where the bad guy has to slip and fall so as not to force the hero to kill him.

Konstantin B. said...

I agree, Mark. It does take away a lot from the cop shows. I'd prefer the cop to figure and prove everything by him/herself.

Admitting the guilt is just way too easy, a cop-out if you excuse the pun.

I think almost every Disney movie, has something convinient to prevent the Hero from doing actual violence.

The Disney writers are firm believers in "Karma's a bitch!" theory.

The villain falls prey to his own plans, manipulations, etc...