Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's bloggin'

I have a lot to do before the vacation, so I'll cop-out for a bunch of mini-posts today.

Post #1. We watched Righteous Kill yesterday. It's a good movie. Here's my question. Without a doubt, both DeNiro and Pacino are great actors. Why is it then, that the writers prefer to give monologues to Pacino? It seems like he stole the movie, while DeNiro was more of a standby.

Post #2. This amazing stat is off Peter King's Monday Morning Quaterback. Mariano Rivera's career blown saves against Boston: 12. Mariano Rivera's career blown saves against the other 28 teams in baseball: 47.

Post #3. We went to see Jersey Boys on Friday, as part of our 9 year of being married. Excellent show. Good music, amazing singing from the cast. The story is "loosely" based on the Four Seasons story and Franky Valli.

After the show I absolutely had to get a compilation of Four Seasons music. Some of the song I easily recognized some I didn't. Most of them did not get any association with Four Seasons for me. Before that I was not familiar with the group.

Coincidentally I realized that I did not have any Beach Boys music in my collection. Had to get that as well.

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John the Scientist said...

The Four Seasons changed styles as dramatically or more so than the early / late Beatles transition.

Until recently I had not realized that "Oh What a Night" was theirs.