Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Have found aliens

This picture was made on Saturday in the Botanic Gardens. I made it with my D60 Nikon using 200mm zoom lens.

I swear by anything that is I hold dear, that this picture was not edited in any way.

And here's the Alien!


jason said...

Wow... that is deeply weird. And oddly cute. Obviously, the aliens are growing an army inside our flowers for a future stealth attack... of cuteness!

Konstantin B. said...

Never underestimate the awesomeness that is Cuteness. People are unable to resist the awesome power.

I am a father of a Cuteness machine, believe me :)

Ilya said...

Looks like you found a pretty good camera, at the very least.

Konstantin B. said...

Yes, I am actually very happy with it. If only I could learn to use the Manual settings to the best of their abilities.