Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guess Who?

NO, not the name of the band.

We are in the process of some house repainting and small repair. As we were cleaning up the bedroom, I stumbled upon a photo-album that records my pre-marriage debauchery and acts of wanton teenagery.

As I picked up the album several pictures fell out, very very very movie moment like. I actually have some pictures that I doubt anyone in my family still has, they travel from hands to hands, usually via Mom.

So, here you go. A scan of couple of them. Can you guess who?

Don't ask me when the pictures were made. The girl in the middle is the cousin of the two dashing gentlemen.


Ilya said...

Kostyan, you're going to get all of my traffic - I'm posting a link to this on my blog momentarily.

The second picture must have been 1989, when Petya & Co. were emigrating. The first one, I suppose is 1978 - you must be around two in the picture...

Konstantin B. said...

I have more. Mullet and cuteness and all :)

kimby said...

Look at the blond curls!
What great pictures...always wonderful when treasures like pictures are found.

vince said...

Makes me want to go look for old family pictures. Ah, to be young again.