Monday, March 9, 2009

Much ado with nothing to do

The general consensus of the blogosphere is that if you have nothing to write about, do not write anything. Well, screw that. I will write about a lot of small nothings today.

The weekend was hectic as always, or so it seemed. Looking back we always get bewildered at the fact that we are tired as hell without really doing that much.

I blame everything on the weather. It has rained for two days non-stop. The sum-pump has been chugging along for two days now, and was still working in the morning. One question we asked ourselves was how did we manage not get flooded without turning it on for the last three years. Only logical answer was that this was a very rainy last six months.

The Little One has started a new rebellion under a slogan that "Sleeping is boring!" It only concerns the night time sleeping, not the afternoon weekend naps. We have no clue why this is happening now, but she falls asleep very late at night now, which is very bad, since she can not wake up normally in the morning. We have tried to talk to her about it, but all she gives us is "Sleeping is boring. I don't like sleeping. I am not tired (while yawning)."

Since all of her friends are about the same age, and have birthdays pretty close to each other, we are entering the endless stream of birthday bashes. Most of them are held in the Pump-it-Up place near by. It's actually a very nice place with a lot of moon-walks and blow-up slides. They are all complimented by pizza and cakes. I think parents have a wrong approach to the proceedings. We should first get them up on pizza and cakes for energy, and only then let them get it out with the slides.
Most of the time kids come back from those bashes hyped up on adrenaline and sugar and bounce of the walls at home in the evening.

I have finished reading Across The Face of the Earth by Russell Kirkpatrick, and started the next book of the series In the Earth abides the Flame. It seems a nice deep written world, although the magic is only mentioned so far.

I think I want to watch The Watchmen but will not. I have heard reviews that it is not the movie to go and see with your significant other, especially when she doesn't have any desire to see it. I do not go to the movies alone, it's usually me and The Awesome Wife.

I am getting bored with the music I am currently listening to. Considering that I have approximately forty-eight hundred songs from approximately three hundred some albums, I should find things that I haven't listened to in a while. I keep thinking that there was a reason I got all that music at some point. Maybe something will revive itself for me.

The time switch is a complete bitch (Hey, it rhymes). I get knocked off senseless by it. It takes me several of days to recover.

A new show is starting today called Castle. It's got Nathan Fillion in it and Dan Castellaneta. I think I will give it a try.

Our DirectTV problem with dual HD recording has been fixed. Now I can finally DVR HD shows parallel.

And that is that. Pretty boring rant.


Ilya said...

Love the title, except I don't think you need a hyphen there... :)

Konstantin B. said...

hyphen-schmyphen :) But thanks ...

I liked it.

mattw said...

Our sump pump has also been running a lot, and of course we got water. Once it warms up outside consistently, there are some cracks in the foundation that will have to be fixed.

My little one fights sleep too, but he's in the terrible twos, so it's more just crying and pounding on stuff.

I've heard about that Pump-it-Up place, and I could have sworn my wife said there was a birthday party we're invited to at one of those places.

Konstantin B. said...

You know, Matt. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it buying a house. There's always something. And more often than not I get the feeling that the house is falling apart :)