Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday night bloggings

Finished work:

Surprisingly Darth Vader's TIE Advanced is smaller then the interceptor model I have. Being the geek that I am, I should go a take a look at the specs to see if in "fact" it is smaller.

Why do you ask Mr. Vader is on the roof. He is tap-celebrating his most recent kill :)


I have switched over to CBS comedy this season. It's just so much funnier than The Office or Earl or even 30 Rock to me.

Here are some couple of quotes from Monday night:

The Big Bang Theory:

Leonard: "Don't look at me, I am not manufacturing, I am just web design..."

Two and A Half Men:

Pharmacist: "Here's tampons, Pepto, and decongestant... It's a dam to plug any river.."


Nathan said...

I love Big Bang Theory with How I Met Your Mother running a close second. (Two and a Half Men isn't as good since the kid started growing up.)

Ahh. Guilty pleasures.

Konstantin B. said...

BBT just hits so many right notes :)

jason said...

Konstantin, you might get a kick out of this:


For some reason, it made me think of you! :)

Konstantin B. said...

I've seen the droid transporter vehicle in stores. The ship is something altogether different.

Kudos to the person who did it.

BTW, for whatever reason I kinda dislike the design of technology in the new SW movies. It's overly simplistic. While I understand the need to think somewhat in terms of original SW movies, It seems that it was a bit over the top.

mattw said...

That giant Lego ship is nuts! And Awesome!

Can't wait till Logan's old enough to really show an interest in Legos, and Star Wars.

Konstantin B. said...

I always wondered what's a good age to introduce your child to it.

My girl loves Legos, and she certainly enjoyed putting the TIE advanced together with me.

She also correctly identified the Light Saber (calling it Life Saver for a bit), and that Vader was a bad guy and a stranger :)

Still, is 5 old enough? After a brief conversation with my wife we decided that Simpsons could wait until she is seven (although she loved them at 2 ;)

Bad parent moment I guess.

mattw said...

I think 5 is certainly old enough. It's a toy that will develop with the child.

With Logan (2), it's the size of the pieces and he likes knocking things over and breaking them up more than he likes building right now.

Simpsons, yeah, Logan likes the theme music at least, but the more he starts to understand, the more we're going to have to regulate what he watches.