Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jazz is good for the soul...

ON friday night me and my wife did something that we weren't able to do for the last 3 or 4 years. We went to Andy's Jazz club, on the more famouse Chicago jazz spots that features live muscisians.

We were able to witness two live features.The first one was Kelly Brand Trio, consisting of a piano player, a bass, and a drummer. The played variations on Miles Davis and other famouse musicians and were very very nice.

The featured artist of the night was a dual sax act of John Wojciechowski - a tenor saxophone player with a local jazz celebrity Mike Smith.

Unfortunately we were able to capture only first half hour of the show, but the guys were absolutely amazing.

John is in the first clip. I apologize for the darkness. It's the only video I could find. He is the taller one of the two. MIke Smith is in the second clip.

Absolutely amazing night of Jazz. I wish we could get out more often.

Oh, and on Saturday we watched Madagascar 2 and Body of Lies.

Very good two movies. Madagaskar was great for the little one. Body of Lies of good for me. I think The Awesome wife was expecting a bit more from DiCaprio Crowe combo and was left a bit dissapointed. I on the other hand, enjoyed the action and interaction between these two great actors.


mattw said...

Sounds like a nice night out. I've never been to any of the city's jazz clubs, but one of the guys I work with runs and it seems like he's always downtown for some performance or another.

Konstantin said...

We go either there or to the Wheeling's Pete Millers. Although it seems that Andy's gets a more... what's the word, less mainstream Jazz musicians.