Saturday, March 21, 2009

Duplicity is confusing

We went to see a movie today. The Inlaws came-in to spend an evening with their grand-daughter, which pretty much means that we need to leave the house.

We couldn't decide which movie to see. There's Knowing, getting good reviews. There's I Love You Man, not something to see with one's wife. And then there was Duplicity, a perfect match for a couples' visit to the movie theater.

There Julia ROberts, and then there's Clive Owen. Miss Roberts is her charming self. Mr. Owen is good, but for some reason I thought that Mr. Clooney might have made a better job.

The movie is so twisted I did not have a clue about what was real and what wasn't. Till the very end I thought the actors were playing each other, and it got to be a little too much. I think i was expecting sincerety to appear a bit sooner, than the movie-makers. They just kept throwing twists until the end. I had a fleeting thought about the ending in the beginning, which was of course a correct one, but the twists were coming and it was simply pushed out.

And before anyone asks, YES! I am that guy. I have seen enough movies and shows in my life to be able to guess or deduce the plot-line and the ending at the very beginning. I firmly believe that all of the plot lines in the world are a variation on a Greek theme or another :) Nothing new in this world :)

It drives my wife mad, when I start sharing my ideas with her about a plot :)


We are going to the Shedd Aquarium tomorrow. Gonna see the fishes and the dolphins.


Mark said...

t means i probably won't understand it at all. I sually can't figure them out even after the big reveal at the end...sigh

Mark said...

wow, horrible spelling today...sorry

Konstantin B. said...

I don't think the problem was figuring it out, the problem is that they spun such liers of the characters, up till the very end you just couldn't see them as human. I think it took a little bit away from the movie.