Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deja vu all over again

I've been here before.

The final project for our MacroEconomics class is take a country and dissect it from the Macroeconomics standpoint, wich are populations, GDP, goverment involment, production, imports, exports, and the fun stuff. We've had to do that for our Global Business class.

The topic for the old class was Russia. We as a class thought that we could use the previously done research to drive macro presentations.

Interestingly enough a student from a parallel class raised this issue with the Dean citing plagiarism. How can this be plagiarism? It's our own work, and we should be able to use it as base.

In the end we have decided that our of choice would be Spain. While I understand that this is extra work, from the stand point of learning it would be beneficial to step out once in a while from the comfort zone.

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