Monday, February 16, 2009

Wekeend update

Well, as we were struggling to get over the collective colds we tried to do less this weekend.

The Little One has made her first prediction of the future career. She said she wants to be a doctor. The one that helps the babies to come out.

The Wife has decided that the beef Wellington served in the Wildfire restaurant is the most delicious thing she ever ate.

The rest of the weekend is a bit fogged out by DayQuil, Sudafed, and Afrin. I'll update if I remeber anything singnificant.

Hope my readers had a better crack at the weekend.


mattw said...

I'm still getting over a cold from two weeks ago. I learned that sugar-free Robatussin tastes awful but helps me sleep through the night.

Konstantin B. said...

I gave up on Robitussin some time ago, I can't stand the flavors. I found out that Mucinex does a better job of cough suppressing for me.