Thursday, February 5, 2009

The number is 25

There is a meme going around the blogs that I read, that asks you to tell 25 random things about yourself (see right menu for the blogs that I read). Since I have nothing to write about, I'll pick it up.

1. While going to Russian school we had clubs called Yunoarmeitsy(young army men), and I was part of the group preparing to be a spy/or a ranger

2. When I was in Russian High School (at least by American equivalent) I had to take NVP(translated loosely Preliminary Army Preparation course)

3. Following that theme, I also attended the shooters club, and was a pretty good shot with a 5mm rifle.

4. I was always one of the smallest kids in my class.

5. I never had any luck with Phys-ed, although I did attend karate and judo classes for several years.

6. I play tennis.

7. I could be the worst procrastinator in the world

8. My drink of choice used to be Finlandia Raspberry

9. I have never treated a hangover, preferring to suffer through it.

10. I like Star Trek and Star Wars.

11. I build my own computers.

12. I worked with computers in one way or another since I was about 10.

13. I met my wife on the internet in the Russian chat room.

14. I used to weigh at around 240lbs when I was in High School. I dropped 40lbs in college chasing girls and frequenting Russian restaurants.(Sweetheart don't pretend you didn't know that one about me)

15. I still play a lot of video games.

16. I have a collection a Star Wars Lego ships: X-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, TIE Interceptor, Slave II, and A Jedi Star fighter. I dream of getting Lego Star Destroyer right now.

17. I get all cutesy and my voice rises an octave or two when I see a puppy.

18. I could be a very boring person. I don't have any exciting stories to tell, I don't get into "stories".

19. I love a good cigar with cognac.

20. I have always wanted to make my own space adventure video-game.

21. I read only fantasy and sci-fi.

22. I hate accounting.

23. I have worked in a cubicle all my life. Once I had a big closet for an office, but it had a door.

24. My favorite sandwich is the Reuben.

25. I hate getting into conflicts, I will avoid a conflict at any cost. I never get into an argument because I believe you can never change another person's opinion. I let people believe what they want, knowing inside that I am still right :)


Ilya said...

What's up with accounting-phobia? Mom always does a pretty good job on taxes for me.

The "worst procrastinator" sound about right... :)

Konstantin said...

Remember I've already taken accounting. Bleh, is the only sound I could come up with. I also got a greater understanding why it is so easy to get get away with billions and financial crimes are so easy.

Although, I do appreciate everything Mama has been doing on taxes all these years for us.

BTW. You make it sound like procrastination is a bad thing :)