Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Allow me to out-geek you.

I've told you I collect Star Wars Legoes.

Well here they are


I wonder if Star Trek Legoes are going to be made. I'd love to have Enterprise D in my collection.


Ilya said...

Am I just not observant enough? Why don't I remember seeing these when I came for visits?

Cool stuff, by the way. Never been my cup of tea to take time assembling these, but they look really neat.

Konstantin said...

Considering the last time you were able to visit I might have not had them yet. This is the work of the past couple of years.

I actually find putting them together quite relaxing. It doesn't take to long, and it's fun.

I'll show you next time. :)

jason said...

Cool collection! I don't do the Lego sets myself, but I definitely have the collecting bug -- you don't want to know how much Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones stuff I have in my basement!

I haven't heard about any Star Trek items on the horizon, but with the new movie coming out later this year, I wouldn't be at all surprised. Of course, then the question is whether they'll do the "retro" ships from the earlier versions of Trek or just stuff from the movie.

If I hear anything, I'll send a message.