Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shabu-Shabu, or how the "ancients" ate it.

Thanks to my Awesome Wife we went for a little food expirimentation tonight. We thought we were going to a Korean BBQ place, but luckily went to Shabu-Shabu place.

I have never eaten at one of those before. First, the name is awesome. Shaaa-buuuu. Sweet. Second, the idea is simple but awesome in execution.

You are given a pot with boiling broth. The varieties are chicken, sea weed (i have questions about that), and being that a lot of Asian folk here is Korean, kimchi broth (very spicy, to be avoided).

After you have the pot you are given very thinly sliced beef (seems to be the favorite meat), veggies, and sometimes noodles (I had pot stickers), which you pick up with chop-sticks and dip in the broth for a duration of 15 seconds.

Very filling, and very deliciouss, you are given three different sauses to go with the food. It is also very healthy. Good experience overall, and I think we will return there at some point.

Shabu as a style of cooking said to be originated with the Mongols. Ghengiz Khan
(KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!) wanted his soldiers to be able to eat fast and efficiently.

I love to have a good story accompany my food. Almost feel like a part of history.

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mattw said...

My parents used to do that every once in a great while. It was more of an Americanized version in their electric wok, but the same idea.