Monday, January 5, 2009

Love the present

Have I mentioned that i love my wife?

I must have. If I haven't done it recently here it is: I LOVE MY WIFE!

Here's me resplendid in my new The Bears pajamas, courtesy of my Awesome Wife.


Ilya said...

Imagine the emphasis/font size if she gave you - oh, I don't know, - matching underwear...


Cool new look for the blog, by the way. Love it!

Konstantin said...

Bears underware? Well... that could be going a bit too far.

Thanks, I got tired of white. I also thought to maybe doing 2-column template. It's easy enough. I just can't find the time to goof around with HTML.

I actually find it much harder to do HTML and stylesheets these days. I haven't done front-end programing in a while.

Lena said...

Thank you, honey! I love you too:-)