Monday, January 12, 2009

The last birthday gifts.

On saturday we invited some of our friends to go with us to celebrate my birthday. Yes! I am that vain!

I got wonderful gifts, which were

Monty Python's Holy Trinity DVD's that included Quest for the Holy Grail, Life Of Brian, and The Meaning Of Life:

And The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal

And lastly a birthday card with a beautiful girl on the front and these words of wisdom on the inside:

"May your palm tree always stay high and your coconuts never fall to the ground"

Al off these gifts satisfied the geek and the headbanger in me on the many intimate levels.

On Sunday we went for some sleighing with our good friends, which resulted in both dads flying about a foot into the air and crushing down on the tailbones in the most uncomfortable ways.

Good weekend overall. I am thinking of buying a Wii on my birthday moneys.

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