Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I can make a movie out of this

The plan was perfect. The grueling eight hours of work yielded great results. Nobody would miss him. He would leave the office half-an-hour early to hit the store. The store's website said that the IT was in and ready to be taken by anyone willing.

Everything was great. The storm promised by the weather people was couple of hours away. The ride was smooth and uneventful.

When he walked into the store he was almost giggling. And then, then plan went all to hell. There were more people wanting to get IT than he anticipated. IT was gone! Bewildered he stood there for couple of minutes, and then retreated, trying hard not to show his disappointment.

He had to quickly adjust his plan. There was another store across the street where he could take IT. He drove up to it, but having been rejected once decided not to hope too much. He always thought that being pleasantly surprised was better than surprisingly disappointed. In the store he found out that IT was gone in less than an hour after arriving.

He could not believe that the item available for more than two years would be so sought after.

There were four more stores on his usual route home, and he decided to hit them all. He would not be denied!

But, he decided that due diligence was needed to keep cool and not to make rash decisions. Luckily his new trusted GPS unit helped him finding all the phone numbers for the stores. He called one, no luck. He called another, still disappointment, they had one IT left, but some junkie was already speeding to take it. He decided to avoid unpleasant scene and a possible brawl. He called the third, hoping that three times was the charm. Frustration was settling in. He was getting desperate. People make grave mistakes when they are desperate.

Finally, the store that was the closest to his house had IT. He became careless and warned them that he was coming.

Fifteen minutes later, he came out of the store with a stupid smile on his face cradling IT in his arms.

Two hours later he was enjoying a game of bowling with his family.

That's how I became the owner of Wii.


Lena said...

Honey, I always known that if you really want something, you will make it happened. Can you please convince yourself into desperately wanting something like... new house? I believe in you!:-)))

Konstantin said...

Sweetheart house is too of a small potatoes for my true genius! :)

Ilya said...

Excellent story, Kostyan. Had me on the edge of my seat... :)

P.S. Funny, the captcha word I need to type below is "witutor".

Konstantin said...

I will claim complete ignorance here about the "captcha" and "witutor" :)