Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am sad

The Steelers won. The Cards won. I am sad. Do you know why? The reason is that with the Superbowl the sports die for me until next September.

I think I'll root for Cards, they are a past Chicago team after all, and I just don't like Big Ben. This does seem like the year for old Quaterbacks. I will go for Warner plus Larry Fitzgerald is an exciting player to watch.

I stopped watching hockey almost right after the players strike in '95 or '96, or almost right after the year Rangers won the Stanley Cup. The players got greedy, and I couldn't handle that. The sport lost its luster for me when Wayne, Mess, Mario, Bure, Fedorov have hanged their jerseys or went into oblivion (of course it wasn't abrupt, it spanned couple of seasons). It's just not that interesting anymore.

I don't watch basketball anymore. I think it happened the year I moved to Chicago, and couldn't watch Knicks on the regular basis. And then Ewing retired, some kid right out of high-school got several million dollars and then went off shooting somebody. For some reason, after Jordan, Barkley, and the rest of the dream team retired I lost all interest in the game (same as with hockey, I know these people didn't just quit all at once).

So, I am left with occasional tennis or golf match. I try to watch soccer during the big tourneys. I don't watch NASCAR (I've tried, and it's just not as exciting on TV).

Baseball I like to watch on rare occasion, for a big game. But again, not the sport to be enjoyed on TV in my opinion.

I am left with Football, which is almost over. Would somebody please invent a sport for me I can enjoy, something other than Billiards and Celebrity Poker.

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