Saturday, December 27, 2008

We are home

We are back home today on the trails of sub 60 temperatures and a helluva rain. The water actually started sipping slowly through the grouting in the office. If we would have made it later in the day and turned the pump much later in the day I would have had a small flood on my hands.

Rested? Maybe. Happy? Possibly.

I had great time with the family. The Little One forced me to go onto a three-story slide on a tube. Very enjoyable process especially since you slide right into a lazy river type atraction in the end.

Weekend is here, and the fridge is empty. Time to go shopping.


mattw said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Lake Geneva is so nice.

We did have the flooding that you avoided. While I was at work on Saturday everyone in the house assumed that since they didn't hear the sump pump running that meant there was no water in the basement. Boy were they wrong. Oh well, so it goes.

Konstantin said...

Well, considering how close you are to the river, I would have several pumps running. Ours was running for two days straight non-stop.

Luckily no damage.

Hope you basement is not ruined too much, Matt.

mattw said...

Nah, we learned our lesson last time. It's nothing a mop and some bleach-water won't fix.