Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Night Blogging.

I used to hate olives. Really really hate them, to a point of gagging.

I have recently tried on a personal dare to eat the big green greek olives with crap stuffed inside of them. Some think it's anchowies, some think it's salmon, i think it's pepper.

I've bought a small cup of them yesterday. They were with peppers inside of them, little red jalapenos, sticking out a bit. For those of my readers who ever had a male dog, the picture is precisely what you are thinking. I am not saying anything else.

BTW, the peppers were spicy, although not too spicy.

My little one take a look at one of them and proudly declares:

"Daddy, the chiken almost got out of that one!"

And here's the offending fruit (berry? vegetable? what is an olive?) just before I devoured it.


mattw said...

That's a very...uh...interesting looking olive you've got there.

Jason said...

So what was the final verdict? Have you gotten over your loathing of olives or did you merely endure it for the sake of the dare? (Personally, I love the things...)

I think olives would be classed as fruits. They grow on trees, after all...

Konstantin said...

Matt, welcome!

I know. It has been the butt of a few choice potty-jokes in the hosehold.

Jason, I tried them first in my trip to NY, as part of the Bloody Mary. They were stuffed kind with a piece of whatever they put inside of them. I think i got hooked.

Recently I have purchased them at the local Greek/Polish/Russian grocery with Pimiento in them (I know they are peppers but were not hot), and got hooked even more. I actually like the big green ones, maybe the brine they are marinated in agrees with me, and they are not too oily.

I still can't eat the black ones that are put on pizzas and any cobb salad I order.

mattw said...

Yeah, I can pass on black olives.

Have you tried green olives with garlic stuffed in them? Very good, but have a mint or something handy.

Konstantin said...

Mint? Pah! That's for weaklings.

I would eat that, and follow it with a healthy bite of red onion!


Ilya said...

So what do you get for doing the dare?

Konstantin said...

A famously curious look from my loving wife, that shows genuine concern for my well being as well as the longing for answers to the following questions:

Have you digested that? Will you be able to digest that? Are you going to read through the whole book while trying to digest that? And finally, Why did you do that?

It really is an eclectic bouquet of concern and amusement.

Oh, and me patting myself on the back for having the guts to experiment :)

Nathan said...

Olives are, in fact, fruit. The red thing is a piece of red pepper, marinated and called "pimento".


Most olives are pretty good, but not the ones on pizza...those are generic crap. Try going to a middle eastern grocery. They'll have a large assortment you can sample.

Konstantin said...

Thanks Nathan.

I've read a bit about it. it seems the stuff they server in cans is usually not hand made, and instead of peppers it's a kind of paste.

These ones were definitely hand-stuffed. I forgot to mention that all of the olives looked like that. And it's a different type of pepper. Pimiento should not be spicy at all, these have heat on them.