Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow day part II

I think there is a deity that simply does not like Tuesdays.

Luck would have it, as I need to go to school, it was snowing again. It was much worse than last week's snow. Nothing was cleaned.

The distance from work to school that, on a regular day, would take me half-an-hour, took me approximately one-and-a-half. Last week in the snow it was only an hour.

I actually had to, to save time before the class presentation, eat my Panda Express while I was pushing and releasing the break pedal. The releasing part was happening only every three minutes or so, so I was safe.

Usually on the way back, which happens around nine or ten o'clock, the roads are clean and nice. Not this time. The 294 was part skating rink, part half-pipe. One of the rare times in the year when I regret giving up on the four-wheel drive.

The presentation went good. We were supposed to do a second series in the adopt-a-culture assignment. It covered operational aspects of conducting business in Russia. My teammates took a bit longer than needed, which forced me as a closer to jump over a slide and go directly to the summary. It's a good thing we had one though. Overall it went great.

My professor also liked my paper on the Icelanders, and gave me the highest mark.

In other news, I would like to hijack Janiece's topic of 'Tards here.

As I was driving today to work, and listening to Johnny B's show on the WLUP, an interview came up. There is this guy who is an officer in Salvation Army. Get this, HE IS GOING TO BE FIRED because he is marrying a woman outside of the SA. WTF?

Granted, he signed a contract that contained a specific clause about a thing like that. CLAUSE? Are they a freaking cult or a sect? What gives? He is sixty years old, he spent a better portion of his life working for them, and they don't allow marriages outside of the Army? How does this exactly work?

Anyways, that is my nomination for the Tard of the week.


Lena said...

Very educational... Obviously, I had no clue what the Salvation Army really is...


Ilya said...

I suppose your nomination is of Salvation Army for the 'Tard of the Week, not the poor schmuck. Because, otherwise, you miss the concept of what the award is :)

Konstantin said...

Well, yeah. SA it would be, although the guy should have known, you shouldn't be making decisions that are irreversible.