Friday, December 26, 2008

Is it skating or skiing?

I have pictures to show from yesterday. We've had a lot of fun. The Little One enojyed the ski school for a at least two hours. I have decided to try out for cross country skiing.

I have failed. Partially because the snow wasn't really trampled enough to make good skiing experience. Partially because I can't ski. It was more like skating, slipping and sliding, and falling down a lot. I don't fall when I skate actually.

So after going for about half-a-kilometer I returned with my ass beaten figuratively and literally. My legs hurt as hell too.

Oh, well. At least the waterpark has a jacussi.

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Jason said...

I live in one of the great skiing capitals of the world, literally only 30 minutes from a half-dozen resorts that boast (according to enthusiasts of my acquaintance) the best powder on earth. And I don't ski. The one time I tried, I spent much of the day on my backside and ended up aching from head to toe. And that was when I was a thin, healthy high school kid. I hate to think what my almost-40 body would suffer if I were to try it again now...