Thursday, December 4, 2008


I love rock-n-roll. I truly do. not the types of Coldplay (I don't think it's rock), or Fallout Boy(meh), but the old true classic rock that's rarely produced these days.

Yet, for whatever weird reason my all time favorite song in the world is Jingle Bells. You can find me whistling it in May, or July, or any other non-Christmasy day or Holiday, all year long.

I am Jewish, if not by beliefs (I NEED proof that there is an all powerful force) or observations (I have never been to a synagogue), but the the simple fact of blood and ethnicity. I know what Jewish heritage implies, but prefer to ignore these things for whatever reason. Is that too undecided, weird, or too ambiguous? Of course it is, but that's me.

Anyways, I went off the path I was following. I love Christmas. Not the religious holiday of the birth of Christ and the implications, but the government official Holiday. I love it. I get upset if there's no snow on the ground. I love the lighter spirit of those around me. I love the joy that this Holiday brings.

And I love Jingle Bells.

Leave it GAP to deliver an awesome commercial. And include Sandra Bernard, Jason Biggs, and Jon Heder as Christmas loving Jews.

And here's the verdict, I Am a Christmas Loving Jew. :)

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