Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend update (No relation to SNL)

Well, the weekend was full of food. Lotsa food. I have gained 5 pounds, which will force me to go back on the diet again. Dad came over, and we've tried to entertain him to our best abilities, at the same time trying to cover some of the annual events we always go to. First we went to the Long Grove historical german village, for some light knick-knack shopping and apple turnovers. There were also ducks. Next was at the Botanic Gardens for some of these. They have a Winter Wonderland exhibitions every december. What happens is they take their regular train exhibition and put it inside. The create various Chicago landmarks, and make the trains go around them. They also have a nice lights displays. Next day we went to downtown to look at some of these. Annual Marshall Fields (Macys) Holiday window display. This year it was a bit surreal and not as interesting unfortunately. One of the things we haven't done in a while but decided to do is go to Ed Debevecks. If you want a nice 50's diner, with waiters being obnoxious to you, and entertaining your kids you've got to visit the place at least once. I was called "pops" at some point, which completely floored me. I though this post is going to be much longer, but the pictures took over.


Ilya said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Good for you, guys!

Konstantin said...

We'll see what Dad thinks, and how he feels in couple of days. We like to entertain our guests with as much physical activities as possible.