Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thew new president elect.

Obama has won. I am happy for America, that we overcame one of the biggest barriers in history.

I am sad for America, because I believe the next couple of years will be the toughest.

Obama will be tested by others, thouroughly. His resolve is going to be tested by the likes of Ahmadinejad and Chaves. He has a very nice economical crisys on his hands, and by the looks and sounds of his campaign promises it will not be resolved quickly and painlessly.

Still, yesterday when he was announced the winner I FELT something. Something changed in the air and it was visible. People were crying, there was hope on their faces. That means something.

When listening to McCain's consession speech, I was moved as well. He HAS humility and descency. He is most assuredely a good MAN. What I didn't like is the booing coming from the Arizonian crowd. That was petty! Any honest defeat should be taken graciously, like John McCain did. But all I saw from the Arizonian crowd is grim resolve as if they were planning to revolt. Maybe they were.

I hope for America, I truly do. I hope that voting for change was not just for change's sake.

I hope that President Obama is going to THE PRESIDENT that will take this country out of the gutter.

Thank you.

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