Friday, November 21, 2008

Some looking back.

I saw this meme at Jason's and then later on my my brother's blog. I have decided to follow suit, since I don't want to do anything else right now.

The first questions are about things I might have done.

1. Gone on a blind date.

Yes, with disastrous results, although I did not think that at the time.

2. Skipped school.

I'll say yes. Knowing myself I have probably attempted, and knowing myself even better
most probably succeeded (always a sneaky little bastard i was).

3. Watched someone die.

Not yet, but given recent news, maybe something I will have to experience soon unfortunately.

4. Been to Canada.

Shameful to say, but I haven't, not once!

5. Been to Mexico.


6. Been to Florida.

Disney, Miami, Sarasota.

7. Been to Africa.

Not yet.

8. Been on a plane.

Strange question, but yes, many times and I absolutely love flying.

9. Been lost.

When driving, more times than I am willing to admit. Although GPS unit has considerably cut on those number.

10. Gone to Washington, DC.

Again, shameful to admin, but no.

11. Swam in the ocean.

I think so, maybe not on the other hand. I am not much of a swimmer anyway so large bodies of water do not appeal to me. Is Cancun on the ocean side or the gulf side?

12. Broken a bone.

Cracked and dislocated, but no breaking.

13. Been in a traffic accident.

Yes, luckily for the most part everything worked out.

14. Cried yourself to sleep.

No, can't say that I did. In order for me to fall asleep I need to be in a completely peaceful state of mind. If that means pushing whatever grief I would have to the deepest recesses of my mind, than so be it. Again, given the recent events, I shall see how that works out.

15. Been on TV.

Yes. A long time ago i a galaxy far-far-away called Manhattan, J&R Computer World I was asked a question for news (Ch 9 I think) about computers. 5 seconds of fame, I actually saw myself on TV that evening.

16. Stole traffic signs.

Certainly wanted to steal Men At Work sign and put it on my bathroom door.

17. Played cops and robbers.

In my wee years, definitely.

18. Recently colored with crayons.

I have a 4-year-old. Not only I colored with them recently, I occasionally find crayons in my car, jacket and pants pockets.

19. Sang Karaoke.

Once, but I am shy. I prefer shower, or while cooking, sing-a-long style.

20. Paid for a meal with coins only.

I would expect that to be very obnoxious, plus I rarely carry cash with me.

21. Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t.

Only couple of days ago, I told myself not to eat that chocolate munchkin. Oh, well.

22. Made prank phone calls.

I have what might be called phone-phobia. I don't like making phone calls, forget wasting time pranking someone.

23. Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose & elsewhere.

Out of elsewhere? How's that possible? But definitely snorked once of twice.

24. Caught a snowflake on your tongue.

I still do, and showed The Little One how to do it.

25. Danced in the rain.

Ran like hell for cover, yes, many a times. Dancing? Doubtful. Not even a jig.

26. Written a letter to Santa Claus.

Nope, I don't think I even believed in one (or Russian equivalent for that matter).

27. Been kissed under the mistletoe.

What is it with the herbs? No.

28. Watched the sunrise with someone.

Not very romantic, but definitely with some of my drinking buddies.

29. Blown bubbles.

Love it, and still do.

30. Gone ice-skating.

Yes I did, and recently too. We are trying to get The Little One to skate, and my Wife likes it. So I went occasionally with them. Didn't even fall, although the skill is definitely non-existent.

31. Been skinny dipping outdoors.

No. Not my cup of tea.

32. Gone to the movies.

That is a strange question.

33. Have a nickname.

I had a couple. In my school years I was called a Pot (Russian - Gorshok) because of a certain haircut I was getting for several year. There's an English equivalent, I just don't know it. But the the legend was, that in very old time they would put a pot on someone head, and cut the hair around the rim, a sort of buzz-cut mop-top mix.

Several years ago, because of my fairly boisterous nature when it came to work, about 8 years ago when dot-coms were the king, I was called "K-Money" for couple of years (a clear Swingers reference there).

34. Body piercings.

No, I am against mutalations.

More specific questions now:

* Favorite drink?

Alcoholic Bloody Mary, i can drink it anytime of the day. Non-Alcoholic Borjomi (Russian/Ossetian mineral water, always considered good for your Liver, get a hint here?)

* How much do you love your job?

I enjoy doing it, I think.

* Birthplace?

Rostov-on-Don, Russia. I'm just going to leave what my brother said here.

* Favorite vacation spot?

I don't have one. Really. I try to go different places on vocation.

* Ever eaten just cookies for dinner?

Maybe not for dinners, but for full meal yes. I can see myself doing that though.

* Favorite pie?

I don't like pies, I prefer cakes. But I like what is called Hachapuri (with Georgian feta cheese baked inside) .

* Favorite holiday?

I like my Birthday. Greedy person that I am I like getting gifts. I also like 4th of July, for fireworks and BBQ.

* Favorite food?

Many, but I like mushrooms of all forms, and Reuben Sandwich.

* Favorite smell?

The smell of new car.

* How do you relax?

Video-games or TV.

* How do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don't want to look that far ahead of fear of being disappointed. But hopefully somewhere warm, work-free and playing golf.

Well, that is it my friends. Damn, that's a long post.

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