Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sadness is part of life

I am a happy person. I love life, I enjoy life, even when I am working. The downside of that is that I can't handle sadness very well. I avoid it, ignore it, to the point of sometimes seeming callous.

I can't avoid everything though. Writing and talking about it helps though a lot. I want to thank my Wife, who is my best friend, who keeps up with my whining. I also want to apologize to her, of not offering her the same support she gives me.

The Dog finally came home after two MRI's. The prognosis is fairly grim. He has what is called Nerve Sheath Tumor. A malignant bastard that is invading his lower back spinal cord. The doctors told us, that operating would not help and most likely would make it even worse, paralyzing both of his hind legs. They also said that enough of the tumor has diffused with the spinal cord too much for them to be able to remove it completely and safely.

While he may still recover the use of the other hind leg, it's not for long.
The doctors gave us anywhere from a month to six months, before the tumor reaches the other side of the spine, and also moves forward. Unless by a miracle this can go into recession he would be fully paralyzed after a period of time.

We have decided to look after him for now, making his life as comfortable as we can and enjoying his company while we still can. The tumor luckily is not invading other internal organs, so with medications we can take the pain off, and build the strength in other leg.

One little bright spot in all of this, is how The Little One tries to comfort the dog, telling him that its just small booboo and he's going to get better. Although for us its heartbreaking.

Do you tell a 4 year old that all dogs go to heaven?


Jason said...

Oh, wow... I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm an animal guy myself and I know how hard it is to face the prospect of losing them.

I'm an agnostic who struggles with the question of whether there is another life beyond this one, but for what it's worth, I'm certain that if there's a heaven for us humans, then our dogs must surely be there waiting for us. It would be too damn unfair if it were otherwise.

Konstantin said...

Thanks Jason. I feel the same way.

Humans have made the dogs the way they are. Shouldn't then our personal beliefs somehow imprint on their souls.

Jason said...

That's an interesting thought about making dogs more like us. I like it... it makes sense, and it's elegant.