Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy bloggin' Monday

I don't like Mondays. Do you know why? Weekend procrastination catches up. You have to read in the sports commentaries that Bears suck, especially since you know it's true by watching the Sunday game (maybe that Mr. Obama is the president now he can declare Rex Grossman persona-non-grata in Illinois.) What else can go wrong on Sunday? Oh yes, you have to try to remember everything that you needed to do on Monday. Major headache.

Anywho. Our class-team, after little pushing from me, decided that our adopt-a-culture assignment would be about .... wait for it.... wait for it.... SURPRIZE! RUSSIA!

After getting an approval from our professor, he reasoned that me living in the States for the past 16 years would not have advantage over others (which really is the truth, old Russia and new Russia, are almost nothing alike).

I selected traditions and language topics as my parts of the assignment. Which is not really that hard, but there's a little caveat. A lot of the traditions and customs do not hold true anymore. Maybe they are, in some of the places, but Russia is big and wide, with the populations concentrated in highly developed areas.

If I am wrong, kick me.

We are preparing. I will also interview my big brother for another assignment. I am supposed to ask him questions about his dealings with the Brits as an American, and write about it, with deep analytical thoughts of course.

I wonder how far i can stretch and yap about it in the paper.

Another assignment for the next class is to bring something that is assuredly not American, but a substitution for what we as Americans take for granted. I have suggested to my team to bring a Turkish coffee pot (called Turka in Russian). Me and my lovely wife have been searching for it for a while. After finding it in an obscure Middle Eastern market we of course didn't use it once, instead settling on the good old Cuisineart for our daily coffee intake.

The little one was absolutely happy with the Grandma's visit. And now she can't wait for the Grandpa to show up. He schedule is actually easing up a bit, and instead of running around with crazy parents to all of her extra-curricular actives has plenty of time to pick up a stick a start picking holes in the ground. Of course as of today the ground is frozen. Winter has come to Chicago.

Hope your Monday is well.

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