Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted.

I was a the booth a 6 o'clock. About twenty people stood in line. The whole process took about half an hour out of my morning.

My wife, went later and it took her about 10 minutes. I guess more people got scared of the long waits, but we live in the suburbs, it's more easy going.

How did I vote? I won't tell.

But i voted for the common sense not the words, and I know there is no such thing a common sense. I would like to believe that I understand a little about economy, and I understand that economy has very little to do with common sense. Sounds a bit stupid? Maybe.

I've made my choice, fully aware that it will not matter in the place where I live. I voted because i believe that no one is truly evil, I believe in second chances, and that vilifying people based on a single representative is wrong.

I guess I've given enough hints.

I voted for what I believed in. That's the important part.

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