Monday, November 17, 2008

Analysis of visits

My google analytics wasn't analyticking anymore. I knnow I've had visitors, through your comments THANK YOU!, but I had at 0 visitations. The drop was a -42%, which saddens me greatly.

For those lurkers, from the places new a nd far, Welcome!

Couple of weekend thoughts.

Quantum of Solace review is below. The Little One absolutely loves the Puppet Theater and sings brand new Russian songs now, something that even makes me break out in a tune. I am one of those people that have a tune stuck in their head from the moment we wake up, unless its broken by an even more annoying tune.

On a sadder note, The Dog has suffered a professional sports injury with a torn ACL. Who was he trying to tackle i have no idea. We are taking him in for the second opionion tomorrow. The operation is expensive, and I don't want him to needlesly suffer from the whole procedure.

It seemed that at some point last year, he suffered the same injury, which coincided with general arthritis in his spine. The doctors didn't notice it, or maybe it was after it, we'll never know now, but he actually seemed to recover very well from this phantom one. Although a bit slowed down he was still running and jumping around, although not as much.

I am now practicing heavt lifting. The Animal weights currently 85 pounds, and refuses to sleep on a nice sofa in the living room, he would rather procrastinate close by us. So I resolved to carrying him up and down the six steps of stairs.

Poor guy, while I always complained about his somewhat loony disposition, you never really want your Labrador to slow down.

I've never placed a picture of him. So, everyone please welcome Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, of Labrador Retriever family, chocolate brand.

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