Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weird things we collect.

I am not much on collecting and keeping crap. But I am known to go out of my way to get a memento from a place I'm visiting. This includes running to the gift store at the last possible minute in the airport, to get a shot glass with a picture of the locale.

These are some of the things I enjoy collecting.

I have those $5 shot glasses from every place I visited. Some of the weirdest ones include glasses from Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. I got them on our road trip from Chi to Brooklyn, on the interstate rest areas.

I also think I got one from London and Paris.

I love doing the coin print. You know that stupid press where you put in 50 cents and a penny, and out comes out a flatted penny with an image. I have a whole bunch of them from Disney, Brookfield Zoo, House on the Rocks in Wisconsin. I have one from London, from the Tower Bridge Engine room, on the other side of it is a clear image of Queen Victoria. I think it comes on the pence.

One I treasure the most is an old penny from the Twin Towers. I don't even remember when i made it, it's getting green now. But every time I see it, I pause to think about something for a minute.

The weirdest thing I collect on occasion is drink stirrers from the bars i visited. But i don't collect just any, it has to have something of that place. Like the one I got from Hancock tower, or Paris hotel in Vegas.

What weird things you collect? This is a question for all of you lurkers out there, that I know read my crap, but never comment on it.


Nathan said...

I don't collect anything now. In fact, if we're out of town and it looks like I'm about to buy some useless thing, GF asks me where I intend to keep it. I usually put whatever it is back on the shelf.

When I was a kid, I collected metal and wood type-blocks. I have no idea why and I have no idea where the collection is now.

Konstantin said...

I know you live in New York Nathan, so space is sparse. But don't you have your own Man-Space?

You have to keep you man-only crap somewhere!

I have my office! It's like a fortress full of crap.

Nathan said...

The two of us have been threatening to have a stoop-sale (yard-sale, tag-sale, whatever for the rest of you), for 3 years now and we never get around to it. We've got plenty of space; it's just already filled with crap we don't need.

Ilya said...

I've started collecting little models of houses in the last couple a years. Up to about 30 now.

Before that, it was keychains from the places I've visited - about 200 of those.

Konstantin said...

What do you mean little houses? Like models of the places you visited? Cool!