Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday morning.

The roll out was successful. Everything is working, and I am very happy about it.

On a sadder note, the survey for my class is out there, and proved that I was right again about doctors in general. They are the most whiny and bitchy group of people when it comes to internet ordering.

I gave them the opportunity to speak about the website, give feedback so we can make it better. I got 4 BLOODY RESPONSES in two days. Granted yesterday was Columbus Day, and office were probably closed, but common people. Get with the program, or stop your bitching about navigation and searches.

Thank you!

On the lighter note, here is a picture of some weather awesomeness. As i was driving the little one to day care, the front passed right above us. It looked very zen like, with clouds and bad weather grayness leaving, and the sunshine coming in.

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