Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The class is over. I gave the presentation. Unfortunately I was over the alloted time, and had to cut short.

It really is a bummer, since I failed to pick up the pace after the 2 minute warnin sign was given.

Oh, well. I hope it doesn't affect the grade too much. I did feel like a sacrificial lamb though. Being second to present, the rest of the students rushed through their presentations.

I was left with a feeling that people had to say more.

Next class is someting called Cultural Diversity in Business. I recieved three huge books to read. I mean huge, those puppies weighted a lot.

One of the books, smaller, is called Blunders in International business.

I open up a random page, and lo and behold, I learned something new right away. It seems a company named it's product "nonox" and tried to distribute it in Indonesia, only later realizing that "nonnok" in Javanese translates to female private parts.

I think to my self, this can not be the only thing i can learn from this book. I open up another random page. It seems that there is a product named "Super Piss", which was a Finnish name for a car door-lock defreezer.

Live and learn I tell you, live and learn.

Let me know if you have other similar bits of wisdom.

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Ilya said...

Sounds like a pretty cool reading, that one.