Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School and Kids

Well, it happened. I am back into the classroom, with all my pals. The class I believe will be extremely boring. A lot of what they will be teaching us about surveys is very common sense. The thing that I am looking for most, is taking the results of the survey and quantinize(quantate? quantify?) it into something useful.

My original proposal for survey was related to the current website and the updates I'll be releasing this week. The problem is, which I realized after the work was done, the logistics of implementing it are horrific. I'd need to get approval from business unit, review it with them, post it, and hope that the doctors (whiny little sissies they are) would actually take the survey without anybody offering them a free iPod.

By the time all of this could be done, the class will be over.

I have decided to resort to plan B. I'll be making a survey concerning Fall TV season and people's TV watching habits. To all my loyal readers, I ask you to go and spend 5 minutes filling it out, when I post it. For all I care you can draw hearts from the radio button matrixes.

I am confusing my child.

Yesterday she came in chanting, "Go Cubs. Go Sox (one of her teacher likes Cubbies, the other likes Sox)". Then she forced my wife to put on the Bears shirt and said:

"We like the Bears and daddy like the Yankees." After that my wife, bless her for understanding a bit of sports, had to explain to her that the teams play different sports.

I need to have a conversation with her, and explain in terms a 4-year-old can understand.

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