Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YouTube Memories.

I am going to shamelessly steal my brothers (at least until he copyrights it) topic title and post some of the music clips I have always enjoyed.

This little number was sung by a russian group Agata Kristi(Agatha Christie), formed by borthers Samoylov, and it always instilled a sense of nostalgia in me. I have never, of course been, to Siberia or Tundra or Taiga, but something about this song almost makes me want to go there.

The video-clip itself involves the cast for an extremely popular Soviet music-comedy "Ivan Vasil'evich Menyaet Professiyu" (Ivan Vasil'evich's new Job) in their old age, and the clips from that movie.

I think that some of them have already passed on.


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Ilya said...

Пуговкин умер буквально месяц назад (впрочем, его почему-то нет в этом клипе). Демьяненко уже пару лет как нет, а остальные, если не ошибаюсь, ещё с нами...