Sunday, August 17, 2008

New York Part 3-4

I Am too bloody old.

On friday night my cousin has taken us on the romp across several Manhattan boroghs for a full nighter.

We've started at a nice Spanish restaurant called Casamono. Interesting food, fairly nice. After that we hopped on over to the bar, Solex, i think it was called. A great conversation accompanied by several shots of vine and conqac.

One of the great thing when bar hoppin with my cousing, is that his lovely wife understands wines. Very very useful :)

After that, we went over to NuBlu. This is a tight litle place, that indtroduces new bands to the public. Great music, very Brasilian scat salsa style. The only problem is, that there are a lot of people and they all talk, you can't hear the music.

The night was finished with artichoke pizza :) Yes! We have actually finished the very delisicous pizza, at about 2 o'clock midnight.

The nice gentleman at the hotel wished us a good morning when we got back.

I am too old.

Yesterday night was no better. We were able to get tickets for another broadway show. We had to stay in line for an hour, for one of those half-priced tickets box officeon Times Square. That was an experience all by itself.

After the show, we have decided to not go too far away from the scene and got on top of Mariott hotel for the rotating lounge. Beautiful view from the top, the whole city can be seen, and very enjoyable overall experience.

And that's it, i woke up today, after sleeping for about 5 hours and realized I WILL NOT DO THIS for another year or so, and better off for it.

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