Thursday, August 14, 2008

New York NY Part 2

So, here I am gazing out of the Millenium UN Plaza Hotel out to the Metlife building and the beautiful midtown below and thinking. I have lived in NY for about 8 years, but I have never visited it as a tourist. Oh, sure enough me and my brother visited a place or two and walked around a bit, museums and such, but I have never came back to Manhattan to look through a strangers eyes.

For example, I have never visited the Grand Central. Today, coming back from the broadway show, I have convinced my wife to take a stroll down the 44th from Broadway all the way to the 1st.

Grand Central is truly awe inspiring on the inside. We just stood there gazing on the ceiling.

I have never noticed that Manhattan is so dirty. Part of it was all of the garbage bags lying right there on the street. Thinking of why its not so obvious in Chicago, my wife helped me by reminding that all over the city there are back ways where all of the garbage is stored.

However, i have never seen so much cigarette butts and paper just lying there on the street.

Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter.

Spamalot was a wonderful show. Very funny. All of the great scene from the Quest For The Holy Grail were there. Although a bit modified. The addition of Bright Side Of Life was weird, but this being Eric Idle's blood child, understandable.

Sorry for the ramble.

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