Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Computer

After much deliberation and wondering (I can't believe i spend so much time on it, never before I had to spend so much time thinking about what computer to get) I have decided to build a computer myself, again.

I've looked at prebuild desktops by Dell and HP, i've looked at laptops, and I realized that they don't really give you enough of value for the amount you pay.

Sure, a lot of them look nice, and would be OK for the things I do, but I was never sure if it was enough.

Here are some of the thigns I need in a computer.

  • Good processing power - I play an occasional video-game and do a lot of graphic, 3D, and movie editing.
  • Quietness - I tend to leave the computer on for days, for downloads or renderings.
  • Small size - I am trying to take as little space now as possible.

While most of the desktops provided prebuild offer decent power and good RAM sizes the video cards in them SUCK!!! Big time.
For the laptops the same, plus for leaving the computer on and connecting it to a monitor you need docking station. This means that you would have to buy workstation type laptop. It usually adds additional $300 to the bill.

So, this is the computer i have settled on, and payed approximately $470, which is way less for the same configuration of prebuild computer

  • Intel Core 2 Duo - Last two computers I have switched from AMD to Intel. Whatever people say, Intel chips were always more stable for me.
  • A MicroATX MSI motherboard - I like MSI, and used them for the last 3 or 4 builds. The mobo will support future Core 2 Quad chips and 4G of RAM, so a good cheap upgrade in year or two.
  • 2G of no-name DDR2 RAM - never had a problem with no-name RAM brands(at least none that I would have noticed
  • Low-name Leadtek NVidia 8600 GT with 512 RAM - I though about going with Radeon this time, but for the price and functionality decided to stick with NVidia again.
  • A Compucase 14" x 14" Minitower - this should work for the little size part.
  • Non-stock 500W Apivia power-supply with dual fans and good quietness - reviews were mixed, but it seems they all agree on the quietness part.
  • 80 G SATA WD hardrive - I like to have 2 HD in my computer, one for data another for programs and OS. I will be taking the other from my old PC.
  • LG optical drive - same as for the HD

With so many options available it was really hard to choose a good build. I have also been out of the hardware loop for so long I don't know half of the technologies available.

I'll keep posting when the stuff comes-in and I will build it.

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