Friday, August 8, 2008

Much Needed Rest Is Coming

The classes are over till the 25th of August. The next one is online course in Stats. The School calls it Quantative Analysis.

I actually remember doing really REALY bad in statistics and probability analysis in my undergraduate years. I was embarrassed to no end, considering the fact that my dad was a math professor.

Both of the classes were excellent workshops. My writing has improved. I am a much better presenter now. I have proof. We taped each presentation in class, and I can see improvement in my movement, opening statements, and general structure.

I think practice does make better.

What's next? Nothing much. A weekend with the family. I don't usually write on the weekend. Hell, I don't even touch the computer on the weekend.

Next week, we fly to Jersey, with a stay in the City for couple of days.

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